2015: The Year of Change and Action

Happy New Year from The Global Brain Team! We begin the year with exciting news and we’re happy to share the following with you...

Team Additions

Shayna Wenger is our amazing Chief Creative Officer. She comes with a wealth of experience working for agencies like mcgarrybowen and Momentum Worldwide on big brands like Verizon, Burger King, NBA and American Express. She loves that she can now use her creativity for good and has the potential for making a larger impact on the world. Needless to say, we’re happy she made the  move to Boulder from New York City. You can view her past work here.

Isha Ojha is our multi-tasking ninja, the Operations Manager, the mastermind behind all of the inner workings of the company. She has a Masters in Environmental Leadership from Naropa University and a certificate in Nonprofit Management. She plays an integral role in coordinating our Labs.  

Brittany O’Donnell is our Account Director, the manager of people, clients and projects. She also just relocated from New York City and can’t get enough of her new cityscape - the good ol’ Rocky mountains. She comes from the creative agency, BBH, where she has experience producing global campaigns for brands like Coca-Cola and Unilever. She’s excited to play a role in making the world a better place - one campaign at a time.

Jenny Dzuira is our Office Coordinator and our most recent addition and she keeps us all in check. She helps coordinate the hectic schedules and brings order to the occasional chaos. She was a wonderful find and we’re so grateful she is with us. She has a passion for enjoying the many outdoor activities the Rockies have to offer. She also puts the happy in our happy hours because of her side business www.topshelfplanning.events.


We’ve been working with the UN on a few initiatives and the focus for this year are people and planet. Important events happening around those two priorities are:

September 2015: UN Millennial Development Goals will be announced.
December 2015:  UN Climate Change Conference COP21 will be announced in Paris.

Support the people and planet movement #Action2015. We continue collaborating with the Communications Office of the UN Secretary General Climate Support Team and look forward to the possibility for big changes this year and in the years to come.


As we’ve mentioned, there are a few global projects in the making - our collaboration with the UN agencies on different initiatives continues and soon we’ll be diving into Phase 1 for the Search for Common Ground campaign.

We are genuinely excited (like fluttering butterflies in the stomach excited) about the potential impact these campaigns can have on pressing global issues. We will definitely need your support in making it happen so please stay tuned for more updates on our site and through social media.   


Search for Common Ground is a non profit in DC. Their mission, in a nutshell, is to end violent conflict around the world. They were in need of a campaign refresh for a global campaign they had been working on. Sounds simple and straightforward but what they didn’t know was what was going to transpire from the 3 day session Oslo.

We partnered with Common, to lead the 3 day the MBA - Maniacal Business Attack. We also reached out to experts in the fields of media, development, other Search employees working around the world to come together and help us explore the bigger questions Search had - about themselves as an organization and about their current campaign. In a sense they started with the basics, for example, what is the difference between a movement vs. a campaign?

After a few long days and a lot of bonding everything they had been discussing came together on the last day - a movement was born.

We had a Lab in November following the Oslo session and brought the team and some experts together to ideate around communication strategies and partnerships.

We’re on our way to making the campaign happen. Stay tuned!


UN Climate Summit September 2014

Under the Secretary General’s Office there was a call for nominations of civil society speakers to attend the Climate Summit Conference in New York City. Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner, a 26 year old teacher from the Marshall Islands, was selected from more than 500 submissions to represent the voice of civil society.

We were called to develop the creative concept for the 10 minutes allotted for civil society during the inaugural  ceremony. Lucky for us - we had the tremendous pleasure of working with Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner on the visual representation of the her poem, ‘Dear Matafele Peinemon’ - a written promise to her daughter about how her and many others in the world are dedicated to fighting climate change.  

Listen to Kathy’s speech below and share the video for #climatechange awareness.